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Agriculture is a crucial sector in emerging markets, providing income and sustenance for millions of smallholder farmers. Companies in the Lendahand portfolio are making a difference by providing essential agricultural products and services to these farmers. Whether it is by improving yields or increasing opportunities for smallholder farmers to sell their crops, these companies are creating a positive impact on local communities.


Supporting companies in agriculture plays a vital role in the fight against hunger. We are committed to expanding our agricultural portfolio to further stimulate local agricultural sectors and their value chains, enabling more smallholder farmers to benefit from the transformative power of agriculture.

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Agriculture worldwide

iProcure in Kenya

Kenyan based company iProcure connects thousands of agro-dealers to different manufacturers, offering agricultural inputs like fertilizers at predictable prices, which helps overcome Kenya's biggest agricultural challenges. By targeting agro-dealers, who are trusted by millions of farmers to provide sound agrarian advice, iProcure aims to double its reach to 2 million farmers in the next year. Their innovative approach to the input supply chain is making a significant impact on the agricultural sector in Kenya.

In 2022, the agri-tech company achieved a major milestone by raising $10.2 million in a series B funding round, which will be used to expand their network. We are proud to have been part of the growth of iProcure through previous crowdfunding rounds, supporting their efforts to create a sustainable future for farmers and their communities.

A cup of Café Peru

Five coffee agricultural cooperatives and three social financial organizations joined forces to improve the working and living conditions of coffee farmers in Peru.


Together they form Café Perú and open up opportunities to improve infrastructure and quality of produce for rural smallholder coffee farmer.


Through Café Peru, these farmers put their quality Arabica coffee on the map.

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